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Welcome to APDuino Project -- a networked automation project tailored to greenhouse monitoring for the DIY-enthusiast backyard gardeners

Basic Features

  • Monitoring constantly collect temperature, humidity, light and water-flow readings as well as actuator state changes
  • Logging get data logged locally and remotely to allow precise analysis of what's going on in your greenhouse
  • HTML GUI use the cross-platform HTML user interface to access your unit using your PC or mobile
  • DIY build your own hardware from commonly available boards and get software in a single click

Internet-of-Growing: APDuino Project
Advanced Features

  • Remote Access access your monitoring and automation unit from anywhere, anytime
  • Instant Blogging use our online service to start blogging about your backyard farming backed with logged monitoring data
  • Alerting get notifications by email

Want to add a DIY monitoring and automation system to your greenhouse?

Getting Started

A couple of pages with technical information on electronics assembly, software configuration to help you getting started.

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APDuino Test Node - Hardware

A hardware setup being used to test the APDuino CUBE-0 Lite hardware and software setup as well as the new site.

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