connected smart objects enabling distributed experiments for collaborative research of sustainable food-production

DIY Tech Tool for Backyard Food Production

"You are what you eat." -- so goes a say in many languages. Healthy, quality food from a well known source is becoming an important issue to many of us in today's and tomorrow's world with threats like GMO, global climate change...

Backyard and urban farming are popular directions to tackle the safe and sustainable food production challenge in the twentyfirst century.

Aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics are interesting and promising growing technologies to experiment with in backyard greenhouses and polytunnels.

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Internet-of-Growing: APDuino Project
Fancy launching your own DIY monitoring and automation system with this project?

Getting Started

A couple of pages with technical information on electronics assembly, software configuration to help you getting started.

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from our configuration blog:

CUBE-0 Lite

A simple configuration that allows monitoring your aquaponics greenhouse and the outside environment... A starter for the APDuino Project.

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from users:

APDuino Test Node - Hardware

A hardware setup being used to test the APDuino CUBE-0 Lite hardware and software setup as well as the new site.

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