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Project Reloaded

In just a couple of days the project will be two years old. We are celebrating it with a new release of the site and software...
2014-03-14 16:32:11 UTC

Small-scale aquaponic food production

a comprehensive technical paper on aquaponics from UN FAO
2015-02-26 17:04:26 UTC

Farming with Fish

Aquaponics and Urban Farming in Sacramento
2015-03-05 17:04:35 UTC

Backyard Food Production

"You are what you eat." -- so goes a say in many languages. Healthy, quality food from a well known source is becoming an important issue to many of us in today's and tomorrow's world with threats like GMO, global climate change...

Backyard and urban farming are popular directions to tackle the safe and sustainable food production challenge in the twentyfirst century.

Aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics are interesting and promising growing technologies to experiment with in backyard greenhouses and polytunnels.

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