Project Reloaded

In just a couple of days the project will be two years old. We are celebrating it with a new release of the site and software...

Project Reloaded

To say “Happy Birthday”, we have revamped the site, hopefully taking away some of the complexity:

Instead of offering an all-rounder prototyping site, APDuino stays dedicated to supporting the aquaponics community with monitoring and automation.

The online hardware configuration has been forked out of APDuino already in 2012 as this project is intended to focus on the application of technology than the development of it.

APDuino aims to add propulsion to the aquaponic backyard farmers trial-by-error approach research and experimentation of a sustainable food production.

So kiss goodbye to the old site, too complex for this purpose.

Existing users can manage their nodes at this address for some more time, until all users upgrade to 1.0+ or we decide to shut down the site anyway…

Welcome this new one, featuring the long awaited version 1.0 of the Node software along with simplified configuration instantiation.

We will start posting how-to’s asap, meanwhile a few key bits of information:

Quick Dive

Get your trial node software from your account

Only trial builds are supported for the moment.

Important: if you are upgrading from 0.99, please delete /etc/online.cfg from the SD card, or contact us before the upgrade.

Flash software as shown in this video

You can find more information here .

Go to your nodes when flashed and connected your node

Assign your Node to your account.

Name your Node and set up access privileges

You can assign a name and various access settings for your Node. Share with others for knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Download software configuration

Software setup will be transferred to your Node. It takes approximately 5 minutes, depending on your internet connection. Reset Node when done.

Manage your Nodes

A quick overview of the possibilities; see Node state, access the Node UI remotely or locally, share your thoughts, story on the Node blog.

Click here for more details.


Greg Norris @ 2014-07-12 00:21:32 UTC

Can you add nodes for a measure how much water your system is using from an auto fill? Can a water meter also be added to show effectiveness of pumps and whether or not they might need to be cleaned.or replaced?

Greg Norris @ 2014-07-12 00:35:06 UTC

Where can I buy the devices for monitoring that go with your system? Does any of it come with your system?

@ 2014-08-12 12:40:45 UTC

Is there a way to integrate relay controlled water pumps?

David Ward @ 2014-09-13 23:38:46 UTC

Not quite ready to set up a node yet. I am working on putting a test system together. I have several item that I want to work on including what color lighting works best on a small indoor system which could later be upgraded to an apartment size unit that could sit outside on a small patio.

@ 2015-05-27 23:20:51 UTC

Please tell me where to find the non-lite version of the APDuino Node software. I'd like to control pumps and actuators based on logic and the inputs of the sensors. It does not seem that the lite version of APDuino node does this. Do I understand things correctly?