Backyard Food Production

Take control: grow your own food!

Backyard Food Production

"You are what you eat." -- so goes a say in many languages. Healthy, quality food from a well known source is becoming an important issue to many of us in today's and tomorrow's world with threats like GMO, global climate change...

Backyard and urban farming are popular directions to tackle the safe and sustainable food production challenge in the twentyfirst century.

Aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics -- besides the traditional soil-based methods -- are particularly interesting and promising growing technologies to experiment with in backyard greenhouses and polytunnels, allowing just about anybody to take control and grow its own food with relatively predictable results.

Monitoring and automation

Most of the backyard farming technologies listed on this site work best in an isolated environment. In such an environment, it is possible to gain a greater control on the environmental parameters affecting the quality and quantity of crops, health of plants and fishes.

Internet-of-Growing: APDuino Project

With Internet-connected microelectronics monitoring the closed growing environment it is possible to continously observe the key parameters (temperature, humidity, water quality, soil moisture, water level, etc.), get various alerts or even set up automation rules and start different appliances to interact with the environment.

From all the data gathered a growing information database can be built, allowing future extensions of automation systems and reducing the tasks requiring human intervention.

Our Mission

"APDuino Project" (the AquaPonic arDuino) was created to provide DIY monitoring and automation for aquaponic systems, using the popular Arduino™ microelectronics and web-services to produce the required software and features.

Internet-of-Growing: APDuino Project

Later on, project members and supporters have been applying the monitoring and automation system from this project to other types of backyard food production installations, such as soil-based polytunnels, aeroponic and hydroponic setups.

Though currently this site is offering a simple data logger (recording environmental data locally to SD card and to the online data logging service), allowing users to access their monitored growing site literally from anywhere (where is Internet service available), the development of other accessible configurations (allowing various automation features) is in progress and being refined / tested "on-the-field".

Eventually these other configurations will become accessible.

Support Us

Would you like to support this project, you may do so by simply using the solution and spreading the word about it.

You may support this project by getting your backyard farming gear (electronics, parts, accessories, gardening stuff) via our affiliate shop containing hand-picked items related to our mission and offerings.

Donations are also welcome and go 100% to the developers.


Aquaponics is a symbiosis of fishes and plants in a closed, water-recirculating environment.

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Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture and is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil.

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Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil.

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Raised-bed gardening is a soil-based method forming elevated growing beds allowing microclimate creation.

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