Internet-of-Growing: APDuino CUBE-0 Systems Check
Here is a short review of how we made our version of the APDuino CUBE-0 (Corpus)

We took an IBC tote that was sitting around unused from another project.
Take an IBC Tote
We quickly cut an entrance wide enough to comfortably step in and out to our "cube".
Cut entrance on the metal frame
We should have cut bars as marked, but did a mistake in all that excitement...
Cut frame bars as marked
So we did with the container too, that actually required the removal of the container from the frame and the final cut was made as shown on the next images.
Took the plastic container out of the frame and cut the front as marked.
Container cut mark front
And on the sides as marked here.
Container cut mark side

After having cut the plastic container properly (with the irreversible mistake marked in red on the pictures), the Cube was wiped clean with a pressure washer.
Clean it out
We have installed a few cords: main power, ethernet and a 4-wire phone cable for the external sensor through the container top cap. Then insulated it with fiber material, attached using metal straps.
Insulate it after cabling
Took a few pieces of wood (40x40 mm) from another project and made a frame for the entrance.
Make a frame for the entrance
Similarly a piece of unused polycarbonate was cut to cover the entrance. A rubber strap should be installed between the two for better insulation, we have yet to add.
That will be covered by polycarbonate
The entrance frame was then put into place, revealing the irreversible mistake we have made on the front cut of the container. :-(
Insert the entrance frame and pc cover in place
Cover it inside with heat and light reflective material and install the electronics for the monitoring and automation system.
Cover it inside with heat and light reflective material
Installed 60 mm Astrotherm insulation all around the Cube where it was supposed to be covered (hiding graciously the erroneous container cut).
Finished for start
We have added 9 pieces of 10L metal containers that have been painted to matte black. This 90L of water should collect heat during sunny hours and then radiate back to its environment.
Install black-painted, water-filled heat buffers

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