Joining the experiment?

Great! Follow these steps to get your system running

Get Parts
Get Parts
You will need to build a corpus for your passive solar greenhouse, (start here to see our "APDuino CUBE-0" construction) as well as assemble the electronics and setup the software on it.

Check the part lists to see what you need to get!
Assembly Time
Assemble Corpus and Node
Follow the chosen guides along our principle steps referenced above to get your experimental passive solar greenhouse built and have a monitoring node fitted in it, connected to the Internet..

Connect And Configure
Connect and Configure
Connect your device to your LAN (DHCP, Internet access required).

Connect to APDuino Online to copy the APDuino CUBE-0 Lite Plan on it for instant activation of the assembled hardware. Reboot the node (power-cycle) when indicated "synced" with the server.
Monitor and Collaborate
Monitor and Collaborate
Now it is the turn of your passive solar greenhouse construction to stand the test of continuous measurements taken and recorded online. You can check how various parameters have changed throughout the day and night, quickly test out ideas for improvements and get your friends to help based on your data recordings too.
3rd party services (such as data logging) may be subject of additional fees and licenses according to the terms of their respective owners