Once wired up all the hardware and flashed the binary to the board, some simple steps are to be performed to complete your setup:

The following screenshots should give you an idea of the process.

  1. Go to APDuino Online and sign in with your account (you should already be signed in if following setup steps). New Nodes accessing the online service need to be associated with a user account in order to become manageable by their owner. You can perform this assignment -- claim your new Node -- under your Account / My Nodes menu.

    Log on to APDuino Online and go to your Account/Nodes
  2. A list of your Nodes should be presented (empty for the first time), but if you have performed all previous tasks properly, the new Node accessing the online service should be available for assigning it to your account.

    Assign Node to Your Account
  3. Clicking the Claim Node (with LAN address) button should take you to a very simple and straightforward page, served from your Node on your LAN (so you must be on the same LAN than the Node in order to perform this step) that will contain a single link to take you back to the online service and complete the "Node Claiming" procedure.

    If performed successfully, you will be taken to a page to set up the basic properties (name, access levels, etc.) for your newly claimed Node.

    Provide Basic Properties for Your Node
  4. Following that step, you should complete your setup by choosing the desired configuration for your Node ("APDuino") from the bottom of the Node page and click the Download button. This will trigger the online service to transfer the remaining configuration items to your Node (node console html, etc.). This will take approximately 5 minutes...

    Transfer Logics to the Node
  5. Once configuration syncing is complete, you should be able to locate and use your Node via the Account / My Nodes menu, displaying your Node(s) and the various information and options, such as the Node State, Last Seen timestamp, WAN/LAN IP addresses (only visible to the Node owner), links to access the Node Console (LAN/Remote) or to start and maintain your own blog about this Node.

    Your Nodes Page Overview