Getting Started

with DIY smart monitoring and automation of your backyard food production system

Want to build your DIY greenhouse monitoring?

The following steps will help you to get started and build the 'lite' monitoring configuration and power it with the "APDuino Project" Trial Version Software.

Get Parts
Get Parts
First check the Parts List, then use your preferred vendor (eBay, Amazon, etc.) to get the parts.

Using our Amazon affiliate shop may get us a beer...
Assembly Time
Assemble Hardware
Build your monitoring and automation node according to the wiring diagram.

Connect And Configure
Install Software
Follow the Software Installation and Configuration Guide to install our software on your hardware.

Connect and configure the installed Node to get your monitoring and automation system running.
Monitor and Collaborate
At this point your newly installed system should be taking continuous measurements from your greenhouse logged locally and online.

You could check how various parameters have changed throughout the day and night, quickly test out ideas for improvements or ask others for advice based on your online data recordings and your blogged information.
3rd party services (such as data logging) may be subject of additional fees and licenses according to the terms of their respective owners