How-To: Software setup

key steps to get "APDuino Project" turn-key software working on the electronics

Once assembled your system's electronics, get the software parts working.
Flash Software
Get & Flash Software
Get the latest APDuino Node software.

Download and install the Arduino IDE to your PC.

Use the bundled AVRDUDE utility to flash our pre-compiled binary software to the board.
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Prepare Node
Prepare Node
Get ready to start the Node: insert SD card, connect the Node to your LAN (DHCP, Internet access required), etc.

It will get ready to connect the online service for setup completion (next step).
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Complete Node Setup
Complete Node Setup
Once pre-configured and connected, your Node is almost fully functional. Use our online service to assign the Node to your account and finalize the Node configuration...
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Check From Anywhere
Enjoy your new monitoring system
Once Node setup is completed, the Node will monitor temperature, humidity and light inside and outside of your setup and have two additional submersible thermometers for the water and heat buffer.

Data will be recorded on SD and to the online service.

Access and analyze the collected data, use the data measurements to perhaps catalyse new ideas, or simply get others involved by sharing your data with them, so ideas can be tested out with some simple measuring...

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