How-To: Node Preparation

pre-configuration steps for the node software and integration to your LAN

Before starting the networked software configuration on your Node, make sure you did the following:

  1. put a FAT32 formatted SD card into the SD card reader on the Ethernet Shield (preferably blank, but with sufficient free space available, anyway)
  2. make sure there is a DHCP server on your LAN (in an average Internet-enabled home typically the DSL router provides this service)
  3. plug an ethernet cable to the Arduino Ethernet Shield's RJ-45 connector (the oher end of the cable should be connected to the network with DHCP and Internet Gateway, obviously ;-))
  4. set the Serial Port to point to your Node board
  5. open the Arduino IDE's Serial Monitor (optional, if having problems)
  6. set the baud rate to 57600 (up to node versions 1.09) or 9600 (from node version 1.10) bauds
  7. reset / power-cycle your APDuino device
  8. if having problems and reading serial: you should see the Node software coming up, printing its version number, then initializing services such as timekeeping, storage, networking...
  9. if having problems and reading serial: for a brand new Node (having a blank SD card inserted), assuming your SD and network was initialized properly, a message will be printed, telling that your Node is unconfigured and a URL will be provided so you can "Claim your Node" (assign it to your user account) on Apduino Online .
Assuming you have checked all the above and ready to move on, read more on completing your Node configuration online.